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"I know it sounds cliché, but in that moment I felt so invincible and giddy, I could hardly contain myself. That was for sure the best day of my life to date!"
-Jennifer Patterson (2018) on her experience exploring New Zealand with TEAN!
find the best day of your life next semester studying abroad!
"This program has given me the chance to explore some of the most incredible places in the world, and I am forever grateful that I managed to make it here!"
-Samantha Toner (2017) on her possibilities with Pitt in London
Senior marketing major Frances Tish loved her exchange experience so much she went on two: Vienna University of Economics and Business and the Berlin School of Economics and Law!

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Pitt Study Abroad has partnered with WeSpeke, a free global community to practice language, share culture, and make connections.  Whether you are getting ready to go to a foreign country and want to practice the language or have already returned and want to keep up on your skills, give WeSpeke a try today.