We get it.  Fall is a great time to be in Pittsburgh.  You know what, though?  Fall is also a great time to be overseas!  Here are five reasons you should consider studying abroad in the fall.



Pitt Study Abroad has great options no matter which term you want to study abroad, but some of our most unique programs only run in the fall!  Pitt in Berlin, a new program in Germany?  Only fall.  Pitt in the Himalayas, with it's goregous views and amazing treks?  Only in the fall.   Only in the fall.  You get the picture.


Pitt Basketball has one of the best student sections in the country but you miss out on the Zoo if you go abroad in the spring.  Skip football season, go overseas, and make it back to Pitt in time to see the Panther dominate! 


Yes, the Cathedral (Cathy as we like to call her) looks great against a blue sky and changing leaves, but you know what else does?  Big Ben.  The Sydney Opera House.  The Alhambra.  Riding elephants in India.  Plus, better weather means better instagram photos.  #nofilter #noumbrella #allyourfriendswillbejealous


There tend to be a ton of open spaces in the dorms when in the spring, so you won't have to worry about finding somewhere to live when you return from being abroad.  Plus, everyone does their lottery or finds an apartment in January.  Don't trust your friends to pick your housing for you - be here to do it yourself!


You can Facetime with friends, but you can't Facetime with the Career Fair.  Campus's largest job seeking event happens in the spring!  Going abroad in the fall means that you'll have the chance to attend the Spring Career Fair to find that perfect summer job or internship.  Plus, recruiters will LOVE that you've studied abroad.