Pitt in Ecuador


Pitt in Ecuador at the Andes and Amazon Field School will immerse you in the culture and environment of the Amazon for an adventure you won’t forget.  The June Session is especially appropriate for students in the health and pre-med majors as well as the arts and humanities.  The July Session focusses on Tropical Ecology.  The FLAS Quichua program teaches indigenous languages and linguistics. Each program is open to students from any university.

The mission of the Andes and Amazon Field School is to provide a safe and comfortable setting in the Ecuadorian Amazon where native cultural specialists can work together with academic scholars and students to preserve Amazonian knowledge of nature; to explore new ways of preserving biodiversity in the increasingly fragmented Amazonian forest and of sustaining Amazonian communities together with the environment. The Field School will prepare you for work in cross-cultural settings whether in academia, healthcare, NGOs, business, or government.