Academic Year 2022 Global Experiences Update

COVID-19 Response: Learn how PittGEO is working under the current operating postures. Read More...

The health and safety of everyone in the Universty remains our top priority. Pitt Global Experiences Office continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation around the globe so that we can make informed and safe decisions for everyone. 

Regardless if you plan on applying for a Spring or Summer program, it is important that you understand that to obtain a new passport or to renew an existing one are currently taking up to 16 weeks. Read more about passport application processing times here


Spring 2022 

Applications for Spring 2022 are open. You can search for programs and learn more about available options here. Deadline for Spring applications is October 03, 2021. 

Summer 2022

Pitt Global Experiences Office is offering a menu of mobility-based and virtual global experiences (e.g. study abroad, study away, internships, consulting projects, and research). However, our menu for Summer 2022 will be limited relative to previous years. 

Summer applications are open now. The deadline for the summer 2022 programs is January 23, 2022.


An update on disciplinary record review for spring 2022 and summer 2022 applicants:

The Global Experiences Office takes policies and guidance pertaining to COVID-19 mitigation very seriously, for the health and safety of Pitt students and the global communities where we operate. Students found responsible for the below violation of the Student Code of Conduct may be ineligible to study abroad for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. Review our displinary record policies and application requirements here


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