Academic Record

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When you begin an application with Pitt Study Abroad, we receive certain information about your academic record and we may use this information when determining your eligibility to participate in a gloabal program or experience. By creating an application, you are giving Pitt Study Abroad permission to receive and use this information.
We receive the following information:

  • Your primary and secondary schools of enrollment
  • Your primary and secondary programs of enrollment
  • Your declared majors, minors, and certificates
  • Your program level (first year, sophomore, etc.) based on credits
  • Any academic or financial holds on your account
  • First term of enrollment
  • Expected graduation date
  • Total credits earned at Pitt
  • Number of courses for which you have received an "F"
  • Number of courses for which you have received a "W"
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Previous Term GPA
  • Citizenship
  • Residency status

If you have any questions about how this information is used, please contact