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"But is it safe?" Studying Abroad in Israel

Every time you tell someone you plan on studying abroad in the Middle East, they’re going to ask you the same question-- “But is it safe?” Let’s be honest, the only things Americans really know about the Middle East comes from the news. For most people, the region sparks images of deserts and camels, but mostly terrorists and violence. While you can find all of those things here, they don’t define the region.

I Left My Heart in Greece

On my program last semester, I had the opportunity to live and study in three different countries. We started out in Greece, then went on to the Czech Republic, and ended in Ireland. When I speak about my time abroad, I am often asked which country was my favorite. Although every country had its own unique experiences to offer, my answer has consistently been Greece. I fell in love with the beauty of Paros, and was further enamored by the people I met in Athens.

Day 1 in Spain: It’s Not All Glamorous

When people talk about their study abroad experience, they often describe it as the absolute best time ever - but it’s important to remember that studying abroad is not all glamorous. Travelling is often awkward and hard, but it’s empowering to embrace these moments and realize that they make your experience all the more real. I distinctly remember one moment from the night before my flight to Spain, squatting next to my overweight suitcase and staring at its one broken wheel. “This will be fine,” I thought to myself.

Picky People Problems: Navigating the East Asian

If I could change anything about myself, I would expand my food palate. As someone who loves to travel and hopes to explore all this world has to offer, my eating habits pose significant challenges for me while abroad and often prevent me from experiencing one of the best ways to experience various cultures: through their cuisine. I am fortunate to not have any severe allergies or dietary restrictions, and I am neither a vegetarian nor a vegan – just your average picky eater. 

Bucket Showers Make for a Fun Birthday Tradition

When you study abroad, you usually come prepared for cultural differences like language barriers or new foods. However, you'll also experience new cultures in ways you don't expect to, and it’ll catch you by surprise. You’ll encounter traditions that are unlike anything you've seen at home, leaving you with lots of questions. For instance, I was totally caught off guard by my experience in Tanzania last summer, which introduced me to the diversity of birthday traditions that exist in the world.