Summer Research at Ort Braude Israel


Spend three months conducting research at Ort Braude College of Engineering in Karmi'el Israel. Ort Braude College is an engineering-focused school dedicated to teaching and research, along with working in cooperation with industry.

The city of Karmi’el is located in the region of Galilee in norther Israel. Surrounded by mountains and rocky hills, the area is known for its verdant landscapes, abundant wildlife, and remarkable archeological sites. In recent years, Galilee has also been recognized as a center of science, technology, and industry. In addition to the Ort Braude College of Engineering, the region has become a hub for numerous high-tech companies. Students will be able to experience this dynamic environment as they work with faculty supervisors to complete real-world engineering projects in association with leading Israeli companies.

The Ort Braude Summer Research website provides more information on the program. This brochure provides additional general information on research at Ort Braude. University of Pittsburgh students should confer with the Swanson School of Engineering's Global Experiences and Engagement Office and website for specific information, which may differ from the general information provided by the Ort Braude College of Engineering.

This program runs 8-12 weeks beginning in early May. Student researchers will have some flexibility regarding their start and end dates. 

Application requirements:

  • Pitt student in good academic and behavioral standing
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA 
  • Be in rising junior or senior status at the time of application 

watch a video about our Pitt students at Ort Braude!

Costs for the program: 

Approximate costs for Summer 2023 are below. These are in USD and may fluctuate depending on exchange rate.  

These costs paid directly to Ort Braude:

  • International student housing for three months (~$350/month, pro-rated depending on the length of your research program)
  • Optional city bus/train pass (~$62/month)

These costs are approximate and may fluctuate based on individual student spending. 

  • Airfare (~$1,500-$2,000)
  • Meals (~$500)
  • Personal expenses ($~500)
Funding through the Swanson School of Engineering may be possible for SSOE students. Please look for research and internship funding information to be sent by Jamie Turek to qualified students via email in early January. If you have additional questions regarding this funding, please contact Chandra Colaresi.
Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad. Visit our Budgeting page for more information.
Academic Description: 
This program is for experience only; no credit is attached to the program. Students who wish to receive credit for research abroad, please consult with the SSOE Global Experiences and Engagement Office for instructions.
Application Instructions: 
You will apply to this program with BOTH the Pitt GEO application as well as submitting additional materials to the Ort Braude College of Engineering for review. Additional materials typically include: 
  • Statement of research interest (relating to top 1-3 projects offered)
  • Official transcript - including Fall 2022 grades. To order an official transcript, please visit the website for the Office of the University Registrar.
  • Courses in which you are enrolled for Spring 2023
  • Recommendation letter from Pitt faculty member
  • Resume 
As a part of the application process, you may be asked to be a part of a virtual interview with our partners at Ort Braude. 
These additional materials must be submitted via email attachment to Chandra Colaresi by the stated deadline. Pitt's application deadline for this program is 1/30/23.
Applicants should review the possible summer 2023 projects.
Students selected to work with Dr. Seema Biswas may be invited to participate in a future conference presentation and/or collaborate as a co-author on an academic paper. For more details, please see this additional information about the Development of Physician Training-Oriented Body Parts and Models project.
Any questions, please contact: Chandra Colaresi, SSOE Global Experience and Engagement Office.
SAO Staff: 

Chandra Colaresi

Hi! My name is Chandra, and I am a Global and Engineering Professional Development Consultant in the Swanson School of Engineering. My professional background is in communications and policy, but I have been lucky enough to study or work in England, Scotland, France, and Belgium. Please contact me if you are interested in global research, co-op, or internship opportunities as well as the Global Supply Networks program. Let’s discuss all the exciting options you have to see the world during your time at Pitt!

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