SERIUS: Engineering Research at the National University of Singapore (NUS)

Why would someone want to travel half the world to Singapore? Apart from developing research skills and finding out what’s at the cutting edge in engineering and technology, students can learn how this is done in a different culture and environment from faculty and researchers, who are experts in their field, at the National University of Singapore (NUS).
Spend 8 weeks as an intern at the National University of Singapore (NUS).  NUS offers projects in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science,  and Mechanical Engineering.
Application requirements:

  • Swanson School of Engineering students in their third year or higher
  • Minimum 2.75
  • Good academic and behavioral standing
  • Demonstrates experience in conducting research at a U.S. university
  • Please check partner school additional requirements

Costs for the program can be found on the SERIUS website
Funding through the Swanson School of Engineering might be possible, please watch for research and internship funding infromation to be sent out to all students via email. Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad.  Visit our Budgeting page for more information.

Academic Description
SERIUS is tagged to the NUS module, EG2605 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP), and carries 4 NUS modular credits (MCs). Participants will need to submit a report on their project at the end of the internship. This will be graded “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory”. You will not be registered for this course at Pitt unless you want to transfer the course back to Pitt for academic credit. Please review the website in October for projects for the coming year. Past Projects available have been in the following fields: Biomedical Engineering (10 projects) Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (4 projects) Civil & Environmental Engineering (8 projects) Electrical & Computer Engineering (20 projects) Engineering Design & Innovation Centre (7) Industrial Systems Engineering & Management (1) Materials Science & Engineering (2 projects) Mechanical Engineering (6 projects)
Application Instructions

Pitt's online application deadline online is: Jan. 20     
In addition, you will have to submit the NUS application documents below to Engineering International Program's office (152 Benedum) by Tuesday, Jan. 21 at Noon. 

SAO Staff

Alicia JF Olalde, M.A.

Konnichiwa! After working for the JET program in Japan for just over two years, I decided to pursue a career in international education. I returned to the US via a few months of travel -slowing making my way west with many stops in stunning locations and with amazing people. Whenever possible, I continue to love exploring new countries and cultures! I have been fortunate to work both as an administrator and as a classroom educator in higher education; my areas of interest are international, adult and comparative education.  I enjoy assisting engineering students seize international opportunities! Reach out to me at!