Global Service Learning

Pitt Business global service learning programs are offered in partnership with professional business student organizations, and you must be a member of the organization to participate in the program. Current projects are in BoliviaPuerto Rico, and Trinidad.

Program Overview

Bolivia - service project focusing on financial stability and entrepreneurship with CEOLI, a school for disabled children and young adults in Cochabamba. Must be an active PBSO member and have completed 24 credits on Pitt campus.

Puerto Rico - service project with CARAS, a non-profit focused on education and environmental preservation. Must be an active PBSO member, a student studying Environmental Science or Environmental Studies, or a student in the Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and have completed 24 credits on Pitt campus.

Trinidad - service project for Certificate in Leadership and Ethics students focused on community development toward tourism and economic development in Matelot, Trinidad. Must be a CPLE student and have completed 24 credits on Pitt campus. 

Pitt Business service learning projects give you the opportunity to use your business skills to make a difference in communities around the world. You will study the foundations of service learning, with emphasis on identifying solutions to business problems affecting the community and the impact of service learning on leadership and global competence through practice, reflection, and active engagement. You will learn how to apply business skills to make a difference in community through a service – oriented consulting project and develop professional business skills, like critical thinking and problem solving, in a different cultural context through firsthand community engagement. It's imperative that you be flexible, open, patient, hard-working, and able to handle yourself professionally in delicate community situations.

You will be enrolled in a spring-long course taught by Bryan Schultz, Pitt Business Director of International Programs which will lay the foundations of service learning and allow you to begin preliminary work on a service project benefitting the community. Spring break will be spent abroad in the community, working on project deliverables.