Nationality Rooms Scholarship - Graduate

The Nationality Rooms have awarded scholarships for summer study abroad annually since 1948. The purpose of the awards is to enable University of Pittsburgh students to have an in-depth immersion in another culture for at least five weeks. It is important that applicants choose a program that will maximize their contact with the populace abroad and be accepted by the University for credit. Applicants may apply for 2 scholarships but can only receive 1 scholarship award. 
Application Requirements

  • Online Application
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Nationality Rooms Academic Credit Signature Form
  • Other Scholarship Notice

Scholarship Awards

  • Africa, African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Ms. Florence L. Williams - $5,000
  • Asia, Dr. and Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Scholarship - $4,000
  • Austria, Austrian Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Gunther Kaier - $5,000
  • Chile, Ivan Santa-Cruz Memorial Scholarship - $4,500
  • Czech/Slovak Republic, Czechoslovak Room Committee Scholarship - $4,000
  • People's Republic of China, Taiwan, John H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship - $4,000
  • People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Chinese Room Committee Scholarship in Honor of Tom Chen - $4,000
  • Greece or Greek-speaking Cyprus, Greek Room Committee Scholarship - $4,000
  • Hungary, Hungarian Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Dr. Steven Bela Vardy - $4,000
  • India, Indian Room Committee Scholarship - $4,000
  • Ireland, Mary Campbell Cross Scholarship - $3,500
  • Israel or the study of Jewish Culture elsewhere, Israel Heritage Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of our Martyrs lost on October 27,2018 - $4,000
  • Italy, Frances and Sully Nesta Memorial Scholarship - $4,000
  • Japan, Japanese Room Committee Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Takeo Kanade -$4,000 (novice Japanese language)
  • Lebanon, - Syria-Lebanon Room Committee Scholarship - $3,500
  • Lithuania, Lithuanian Room Committee Scholarship - $5,000
  • Middle East, Fred C Bruhns Memorial Scholarship - $4,000 (working knowledge of Arabic required)
  • Poland, Polish Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Dr. Donald Mushalko - $4,000
  • Scotland, James Affleck Fund/ Scottish Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Alan Patterson II - $4,000
  • Ukraine, Eugene Manasterski Memorial Scholarship - $4,500
  • Wales, Dale P. and Andrea Yanshak Richards Scholarship in Memory of the Richards Ancestors - $3,500 
  • Any Location Abroad 
    • George F. and Mary Ann McGunagle Scholarship - $5,000 (Preference given to field-oriented internship or project in an emerging country resulting in a demonstrable impact or outcome)
    • Judge Genevieve Blatt Award - $4,000 (Graduate women in the School of Law or Department of Political Science)
    • Dorothy Bradley Brown Physical Therapy Scholarship - $4,000 (Graduate in Department of Physical Therapy)
    • James W. Knox Memorial Scholarship - $3,500
    • Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Award - $4,500
    • Stanley Prostrednik Scholarship - $4,500
    • Stanley Prostrednik Health Sciences Scholarship- $4,500 (Gradute in Health Sciences (Dental Medicine, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Health & Rehabilitation)
    • Josephine and John McCloskey Memorial Scholarship - $4,000 (Graduate students of all disciplines pursuing an internship or research abroad in fields such as healthcare, education, social service, business and economics, government, international relations, language, and/or culture, broadly defined.)

Contact Information
Cristina Lagnese, Scholarship Administrator
Nationality Rooms Program
1209 Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412.624.6150; Fax: 412.624.4214

To apply please click here.
For additional information regarding the Nationality Rooms Graduate Scholarship please click here or contact Cristina Lagnese at

GPA Requirement
Scholarship Type
University of Pittsburgh
School or Campus
Dental Medicine
General Studies
Public and International Affairs
Public Health
Social Work
Program Level
Travel Advisory
Citizenship Status
U.S. Citizen
U.S. Permanent Resident
Program Type
Panther Program
Pitt-Recognized Program
International Internship
Independent Research
Independent Study
Due Date
Monday, January 13, 2020