Nationality Rooms Scholarship - Graduate

The Nationality Rooms have awarded scholarships for summer study abroad annually since 1948. The purpose of the awards is to enable University of Pittsburgh students to have an in-depth immersion in another culture for at least five weeks. It is important that applicants choose a program that will maximize their contact with the populace abroad and be accepted by the University for credit. Applicants may apply for 2 scholarships but can only receive 1 scholarship award. 
Application Requirements

  • Online Application
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Nationality Rooms Academic Credit Signature Form
  • Other Scholarship Notice

Scholarship Awards

  • Africa, African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Ms. Florence L. Williams - $5,000
  • Asia, Dr. and Mrs. Ryonosuke Shiono Scholarship - $4,000
  • Austria, Austrian Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Gunther Kaier - $5,000
  • Chile, Ivan Santa-Cruz Memorial Scholarship - $4,500
  • Czech/Slovak Republic, Czechoslovak Room Committee Scholarship - $4,000
  • People's Republic of China, Taiwan, John H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship - $4,000
  • People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Chinese Room Committee Scholarship in Honor of Tom Chen - $4,000
  • Greece or Greek-speaking Cyprus, Greek Room Committee Scholarship - $4,000
  • Hungary, Hungarian Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Dr. Steven Bela Vardy - $4,000
  • India, Indian Room Committee Scholarship - $4,000
  • Ireland, Mary Campbell Cross Scholarship - $3,500
  • Israel or the study of Jewish Culture elsewhere, Israel Heritage Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of our Martyrs lost on October 27,2018 - $4,000
  • Italy, Frances and Sully Nesta Memorial Scholarship - $4,000
  • Japan, Japanese Room Committee Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Takeo Kanade -$4,000 (novice Japanese language)
  • Lebanon, - Syria-Lebanon Room Committee Scholarship - $3,500
  • Lithuania, Lithuanian Room Committee Scholarship - $5,000
  • Middle East, Fred C Bruhns Memorial Scholarship - $4,000 (working knowledge of Arabic required)
  • Poland, Polish Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Dr. Donald Mushalko - $4,000
  • Scotland, James Affleck Fund/ Scottish Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Alan Patterson II - $4,000
  • Ukraine, Eugene Manasterski Memorial Scholarship - $4,500
  • Wales, Dale P. and Andrea Yanshak Richards Scholarship in Memory of the Richards Ancestors - $3,500 
  • Any Location Abroad 
    • George F. and Mary Ann McGunagle Scholarship - $5,000 (Preference given to field-oriented internship or project in an emerging country resulting in a demonstrable impact or outcome)
    • Judge Genevieve Blatt Award - $4,000 (Graduate women in the School of Law or Department of Political Science)
    • Dorothy Bradley Brown Physical Therapy Scholarship - $4,000 (Graduate in Department of Physical Therapy)
    • James W. Knox Memorial Scholarship - $3,500
    • Ruth Crawford Mitchell Memorial Award - $4,500
    • Stanley Prostrednik Scholarship - $4,500
    • Stanley Prostrednik Health Sciences Scholarship- $4,500 (Gradute in Health Sciences (Dental Medicine, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Health & Rehabilitation)
    • Josephine and John McCloskey Memorial Scholarship - $4,000 (Graduate students of all disciplines pursuing an internship or research abroad in fields such as healthcare, education, social service, business and economics, government, international relations, language, and/or culture, broadly defined.)

Contact Information
Cristina Lagnese, Scholarship Administrator
Nationality Rooms Program
1209 Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412.624.6150; Fax: 412.624.4214

To apply please click here.
For additional information regarding the Nationality Rooms Graduate Scholarship please click here or contact Cristina Lagnese at

GPA Requirement: 
Scholarship Type: 
University of Pittsburgh
School or Campus: 
Dental Medicine
General Studies
Public and International Affairs
Public Health
Social Work
Program Level: 
Travel Advisory: 
Citizenship Status: 
U.S. Citizen
U.S. Permanent Resident
Program Type: 
Panther Program
Pitt-Recognized Program
International Internship
Independent Research
Independent Study
Due Date: 
Monday, January 13, 2020