Nationality Rooms Scholarship - Undergraduate

The Nationality Rooms have awarded scholarships for summer study abroad annually since 1948. The purpose of the awards is to enable University of Pittsburgh students to have an in-depth immersion in another culture for at least five weeks. It is important that applicants choose a program that will maximize their contact with the populace abroad and be accepted by the University for credit. Applicants may apply for 2 scholarships but can only receive 1 scholarship award.
Application Requirements

  1. Online Application
  2. Two Letters of Recommendation
  3. Awardee Obligation Form. Print from the online application, sign and submit a hard copy to 1209 Cathedral of Learning
  4. Academic Credit Signature Page - Obtain Approval for the proposed program from the Study Abroad Office. Have study abroad sign and submit a hard copy to 1209 Cathedral of Learning. Keep a copy for yourself.
  5. Undergraduates interested in conducting "independent study" must speak with scholarship administrator for approval before applying for the scholarship.
  6. Other Scholarships Notice. Complete and submit through the online application.
  7. Attend scholarship information sessions. Sign up at: If unable to attend, schedule an appointment with Scholarship Administrator, Cristina Lagnese

Scholarship Awards

  • Africa, Wendell Wray Scholarship - $4,500
  • Africa, African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Ms. Florence L Williams. - $5,000
  • AustriaAustrian Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Joseph Pandl - $4,500
  • Chile, Ivan Santa-Cruz Memorial Award - $4,500
  • People's Republic of China, TaiwanJohn H. Tsui Memorial Scholarship - $4,000; 
  • People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Chinese Room Committee in Memory of Karen Yee Scholarship - $4,000
  • Czech/Slovak RepublicCzechoslovak Room Committee Scholarship  - $4,000 (language study preferred)
  • Denmark, Herbert Lierberkind Scholarship - $4,000
  • England, English Room Committee Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Anna E. Lomando  - $3,500
  • France, French Room Committee Scholarship - $3,500
  • HungaryHungarian Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Arlene Csoman - $4,000
  • IndiaIndian Room Scholarship Committee - $4,000
  • IrelandJohn F. Kennedy/Irish Room Committee Scholarship - $3,500
  • Israel or the Study of Jewish Culture elsewhere, Israel Heritage Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of our Martyrs lost on October 27,2018 - $4,000
  • Italy, Radcliff-Umstead Memorial Scholarship - $4,000 
  • ItalyItalian Room Committee Scholarship - $4,000 (two semesters of Italian language or equivalent as determined by Italian faculty) 
  • LithuaniaLithuanian Room Committee Scholarship - $5,000
  • PolandPolish Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Gertrude Long- $4,000
  • ScotlandFrank and Vilma Slater Fund/ Scottish Room Committee Scholarship in Memory of Ralph and Patricia Murray - $4,000
  • SwitzerlandSwiss Room Committee Scholarship - $ 4,500
  • Western Europe, Russia, Latin America Robert and Helen A. Sette Memorial Scholarship - $4,000 (must study intensive language in one of the these regions)
  • Any Location Abroad
    • David L Lawrence Memorial Scholarship- $4,000
    • Savina S. Skewis Memorial Scholarship - $4,000
    • Helen Pool Rush Scholarship - $4,500
    • Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Award Scholarship - $4,000
    • Nationality Council Scholarship for Quo Vadis Guides - $4,000 (Active Quo Vadis Guide)
    • Women's International Club Scholarship in Memory of Karen Yee. - $5,000 (For women)


To apply please click here
For additional information regarding the Nationality Rooms Graduate Scholarship please click here or contact Cristina Lagnese at


Award Amount: 
GPA Requirement: 
Scholarship Type: 
University of Pittsburgh
School or Campus: 
Computing and Information
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
General Studies
Honors College
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Swanson School of Engineering
Program Level: 
First Year
Travel Advisory: 
Citizenship Status: 
U.S. Citizen
U.S. Permanent Resident
Program Type: 
Panther Program
Pitt-Recognized Program
International Internship
Independent Research
Due Date: 
Monday, January 6, 2020