CIEE Shanghai

CIEE Shanghai: Fall, Spring, Full Year, and Summer programs. Shanghai is China’s largest city by population, and is a global hub of culture, commerce, and finance. Massively redeveloped over the past 20 years, the city boasts many of the world’s latest and greatest. Students can choose from programs focusing on Language + Culture, Business, and Global Internships. Internship and volunteer teaching opportunities are available, and students live in homestays with local families or in residence halls. Excursions in and outside of Shanghai are included, including your choice of week-long trips all over China. 




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You can choose from programs focusing on language and culture, business, and global internships while studying abroad in Shanghai. Not all courses may be available during all study periods, see your program's website for up-to-date course lists.
Arts and Sciences
Communication: Rhet & Comm
Film Studies
International Studies
Political Science
Public Health
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