Katie Schuchman

Katie Schuchman is a 2019 Pitt Business grad, earning a B.S. in Marketing and certificates in Public & Professional Writing and Digital Media. Study abroad played a pivotal role in Katie’s undergraduate career as she completed two impactful programs: Plus3 Vietnam in 2016 and Global Business Institute: London in 2017. After fostering her passion for travel, Katie went on to serve as a Pitt Business International Ambassador for two years to inspire other students to explore global education opportunities. 


Following her graduation, Katie kicked off her career in Pittsburgh before relocating to the Washington, D.C. area in 2020. She is a member of the healthcare team at Zeno Group, serving as a brand team account executive for a major pharmaceutical company. While no longer residing in the 412, Katie is thrilled to continue to support the Pitt study abroad community in her role as Director of SAYAC and is looking forward to all the inaugural council has in store.