Lina Insana

Professor Lina Insana is faculty co-director of Pitt in Sicily. She studies and teaches about Italy from its unification in 1861 to the present day, specifically its literatures, cultures, and languages. On the Oakland campus, her classes cover topics such as Fascism and Resistance; Holocaust Literature; Italian American film; Italian translation; and Sicilian literature. She has directed different past iterations of Pitt in Italy’s summer program in Florence (2000, 2003), Siracusa (2007), and Genova (2018). Professor Insana’s current research focuses on how culture shapes the Sicilian island’s belonging to other configurations of identity, such as Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean. Her parents were from the province of Messina (straight up the eastern coast from Siracusa) and she’s been visiting (and in love with) the island since she was a toddler.