CIEE Dublin

Fall, Spring, Full Year, and Summer programs. Whether your studies pull you toward business, engineering, history, journalism, or cultural studies, you’ll have plenty of choices in Dublin. Beyond academics, you’ll find thousands of years of culture and heritage around every corner of this high-spirited city. Volunteering opportunities are available, and students live in on-campus apartments at a local university. 

Academic Description
You can choose from programs and courses focusing on business, engineering, history, journalism, or cultural studies. Not all courses may be available during all study periods, see your program's website for up-to-date course lists.
Admin and Policy Studies
Arts and Sciences
Biological Sciences
Communication: Rhet & Comm
Computer Science
English Literature
English Writing
History of Art & Architecture
Interdisciplinary Studies
Information Science
Less Commonly Taught Languages
Legal Studies
Political Science
Public Health
Theatre Arts
Urban Studies
Application Instructions

If you are applying for a Pitt-Recognized Program for Spring 2020 and beyond, Program Application Questions must be completed before your application can move forward, regardless of any application requirements established by your Pitt-Recognized Provider. These questions can be found under “Questionnaires”  in your application. Most require short answers of 150-200 words. Our goal is to help you to think about and express your goals for studying abroad in a way that will help you to maximize learning and growth in the following 3 phases of your experience:

  1. Pre-departure
  2. While abroad
  3. Post abroad 

While you will work on our application and your Provider’s application simultaneously, you will need to complete your Pitt application before your study abroad advisor will complete any forms or approval for your provider. Even if your Provider accepts your application, your application cannot move forward in our process until you complete our application questions.

SAO Staff

Leslie Ann Smedley

Hello Students! I am Leslie Ann Smedley, Senior Advisor and look forward to helping Arts and Sciences students to identify, apply for, and thrive in the study abroad program that fits each students’ academic/linguistic/cultural needs. I have been in the field of International Education for many years, including the last 10 in the Study Abroad Office. I am a Pittsburgher who studied abroad in Strasbourg, France while an undergrad and haven’t stopped travelling since. In addition to being passionate about discovering new places, I love to cook, garden and read. I look forward to helping you to achieve your goals!