Managing Chronic Illness

  • If you are managing a chronic disease/illness, please tell your program manager or Pitt-recognized provider soon after being accepted to the program. This will allow them enough time to make preparations to help you in the best way possible (i.e. placing a refridgerator in your dorm room for vials of insulin, ensuring you have information for local AA meetings, etc.) You will not be removed from the program post-acceptance because of your illness!

  • If your illness is followed/managed by a medical specialist, it is a good idea to meet with him/her before you leave to discuss a treatment plan should you get sick abroad. Give a copy of this to Carry a copy of this with you at all times—it can speak for you if you cannot speak for yourself!

  • It is advised that you take your own syringes if you require regular injections.

  • If you have a special medical condition, it is a good idea to buy a bilingual medical alert bracelet.

  • If you use  any kind of specific, over-the-counter medications, ointments, acne cures, etc. (that you cannot live without), take enough to last your entire trip.

You can also find listings of travel medicine clinics and providers at the following websites: 

International Society of Travel Medicine

Travel Health Online

3333 Forbes Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

If you have a disability, including a chronic medical issue, psychological disorders, or learning/testing differences, you should consult with a Study Abroad Advisor and an advisor in the Office of Disability Resource Services (located in 140 WPU 412-648-7890) to determine the most appropriate study abroad program for you.  Disclosure of a disability does not preclude you from participating on a study abroad program.  Disclosure enables the Study Abroad Office staff to assist you in finding a program which will be able to accommodate your needs. Please note: if you are not registered with DRS, the Study Abroad Office will not be able to offer you accomodations based on your disability.

The Study Abroad Office has produced a student-focused documentary highlighting the study abroad experiences of Pitt students with disabilities of all sorts.  The film, called Making It Happen: Study Abroad for Students with Disabilities is available from the Study Abroad Office.

In addition, Mobility International provides helpful information for students with disabilities including: International Study and Travel Resource Guides for Students with Disabilities “A World Awaits You” - A Journal for International Exchange for people with disabilities. For more information on Mobility International, please contact:

Mobility International USA
PO BOX 10767
Eugene, OR 97440
Phone: 541-343-1284
Fax: 541-343-6812