Study Abroad Young Alumni Council

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Are you a study abroad alumni looking to share your experience and stay engaged with a global network?  Join the Study Abroad Young Alumni Council!  You can also feel free to email to get in contact directly with one of our current members.



The mission of the Study Abroad Young Alumni Council (SAYAC) is to inspire study abroad and study away alumni to serve as liaisons and foster a community that promotes and enhances the values and vision of the University of Pittsburgh through global education, professional development, community service, networking, and philanthropy.  

It is an elected body of former Pitt students who have graduated from the University of Pittsburgh within the last 10 years.  These council members have all participated in various types of study abroad and study away programming and are therefore excellent stewards of global education at the University of Pittsburgh.  

We look forward to welcoming you back to the U.S. and supporting you in integrating your global experience into all facets of your life.



The vision of SAYAC is to have an active and engaged network of study abroad and study away alumni from the University of Pittsburgh that advocate for global education.



SAYAC believes in the following values to help guide its members and cultivate a sense of community among the organization:

1.     Global competency, wherein we promote the importance of global and cultural awareness

2.     Perspective, understanding the role that learning from a new point of view through study abroad and study away has on professional and personal development

3.     Comradery/Pitt Pride, using the power of Pitt as a tool to connect individuals that have a relationship to each other and to the university (more specifically global programs)

4.     Equity/Accessibility, focusing on how study abroad and study away can become more accessible to people from traditionally marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds.


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