Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Summer Undergraduate Program

The Chinese University of Hong Kong International Summer School is an intensive academic experience and immersion in Chinese culture. The program features two sessions in July and August, with the July session being 5 weeks and the August session being a 3-week intensive Chinese language session.
This program is open to all Pitt students. 

SIT Kunming

SIT Kuming (China): Spend Fall, Spring or Summer studying Health, Environment and Traditional Chinese Medicine in this gem of Asia. Highlights include conducting a self-designed field study, visiting minority regions and learning the role of indigenous knowledge in health preservation and environmental protection of the region. Housing is homestays, hostels and small hotels.




IES Shanghai

IES Shanghai: Fall, Spring and Summer terms in China’s largest city are available to students; study either Economy, Business and Society OR Engineering in this thoroughly modern metropolis. No prior knowledge of Chinese is required. Internships available. Some excursions included; optional field trips may be arranged. Housing is student residence, student apartment or homestay.




CIEE Taipei

CIEE Taipei: Fall, Spring, Full Year, and Summer programs. Taipei’s temptations include the modern – like Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings – and the ancient – like Bao’an Temple and jade treasures at the National Palace Museum. The city is also known for its music, film, and television, which reverberate throughout East Asia. Choose from tracks focusing on Intensive Language + Culture or Communications, Business, + Political Economy, including several courses taught in English. Internship and volunteer opportunities are available, and students live in campus dorms.

CIEE Shanghai

CIEE Shanghai: Fall, Spring, Full Year, and Summer programs. Shanghai is China’s largest city by population, and is a global hub of culture, commerce, and finance. Massively redeveloped over the past 20 years, the city boasts many of the world’s latest and greatest. Students can choose from programs focusing on Language + Culture, Business, and Global Internships. Internship and volunteer teaching opportunities are available, and students live in homestays with local families or in residence halls.

CET Harbin

CET Harbin, China: Spend Fall, Spring, or Summer abroad to really focus on your Chinese language. With few English-speaking foreigners to distract you, Harbin is the perfect location to perfect your language ability; use the entire city as your classroom. Courses are intensive Chinese language program (all levels), with additional one-on-one instruction. Cultural activities and excursions are included. Housing is in shared, furnished apartment with a local student.