SACC-USA Internships - Sweden

SACC-USA (Swedish American Chambers of Commerce of the USA) is a non-profit membership organization at the regional, national and international level.   One of SACC-USA goals is to promote educational and cultural exchange in order to increase mutual understanding between the two countries. To this end, SACC-USA invites technology candidates to apply for positions as interns in corporations in Sweden. 

Katz European Summer Program - WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is a leading German business school with an exceptional national and international reputation. Founded in 1984 on the initiative of the Koblenz Chamber of Commerce and Industry, WHU has become a model for future-oriented research and teaching in business economics. The WHU network consists of 1,549 students, 54 faculty members, and 200 partner schools.

U.S. Sport Tourism, Health & Society

Sport Tourism, Health & Society is a 1-week, 1-credit program that integrates the substantive areas of sports and recreation, tourism and medical sociology.  This program will consist of lectures, class discussion, and experiential learning presentations at both the University of Pittsburgh and other ACC and/or Power 5 peer universities. On this program we seek to engage everyone in this class with both the academic material and the material realities of sport and recreation of sport in the United States.

Politics of the Troubles of Northern Ireland

On this one-week spring break program, students will explore Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dublin, Ireland. Students will engage with local experts, ex-combatants, politicians, and witnesses to learn about the period of conflict known as the Troubles. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about the peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts in divided societies. As part of this program, students will take part in service-learning projects at a local youth center. 

Various site visits include the Belfast Castle, City Hall and the Peace Wall among others. 

History and Identity in Spain

This one-credit spring break program is open to students of all majors, but designed especially for those interested in history and/or Spanish language and culture. Participants will begin their experience in Madrid and visit many historically important sites. Additionally, students will take a day trip to Segovia. Students will then travel to Granada in Southern Spain.