Politics of the Troubles of Northern Ireland

On this one-week spring break program, students will explore Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dublin, Ireland. Students will engage with local experts, ex-combatants, politicians, and witnesses to learn about the period of conflict known as the Troubles. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about the peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts in divided societies. As part of this program, students will take part in service-learning projects at a local youth center. 

Various site visits include the Belfast Castle, City Hall and the Peace Wall among others. 

History and Identity in Spain

This one-credit spring break program is open to students of all majors, but designed especially for those interested in history and/or Spanish language and culture. Participants will begin their experience in Madrid and visit many historically important sites. Additionally, students will take a day trip to Segovia. Students will then travel to Granada in Southern Spain.

Global Energy

This course provides upper level undergraduate and professional school students in the fields of Business, Law, Engineering, Public Policy and other areas with a first-hand experience of the global impact of contemporary developments in the natural gas and other energy sectors. Participants will first witness the effect that Marcellus Shale has had in Western PA and then see how these developments are impacting the US’s foreign policy and trade practices.

Monsters, Madmen and the Modern City: Prague

Prague is a city rich with history, mystery and stunning visuals. On this program, you will take two compelling literature courses intimately linked to the beautiful and brooding city in which they are taught. You will learn about the original literary vampire, pacts with the devil and the play that brought the world the term “robot”. You will examine Prague as both a cinematic setting and a center for filmmaking and animation. In addition, you will explore the macabre, the human and inhuman in the home of Faust and Kafka.

Sport as Global Spectacle: 2020 Summer Olympics

Sport as Global Spectacle: 2020 Summer Olympics is a 4-week intensive summer study abroad program that will engage you with the cultural and global spectacle of the Summer Olympic Games. The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place from July 24 - August 9 in Tokyo, Japan. This program will run from July 11 - August 10, 2020. The first two weeks of the program will take place in Osaka and will be intensive class preparation along with guest speakers and the remaining two weeks will be in Tokyo focused around attending, analyzing and discussing the Olympic spectacle.

Transforming Environments: London Field Studies 2020

How does our environment impact who we are? In what ways does environment shape how we imagine and experience everyday life? What does tracing the environment’s transformations reveal about our histories and futures? Explore these questions and your own research project in the global city of London: a city shaped by the Thames, whose people transformed local and international environments through innovation, industry, and imperialism, and whose river banks record the history of its people and wildlife in its layers of muddy sediment.

Healthcare in British Context

Interested in global health, nursing, midwifery, and medical practice? Learn how the history in these areas have influenced the development of nursing functions and examine how ethics, sociology, religion, law, economics, and philosophy have affected clinical practice and the impact these have had on the role of nurses and other medical practicioners.

Wrongful Conviction

This four-week, accelerated summer program provides students with the opportunity to study human rights and focus on the specific area of wrongful conviction. This program is composed of two courses and includes opportunities to observe trials and visit London-based organizations working in human rights and on behalf of the wrongfully accused.