Wyoming Yellowstone Field Studies

This class uses a month of day hikes to explore the myriad natural resources in and around the greater Yellowstone region.  The first ten days focus on unravelling the forces that have produced the spectacular geology of the region as well as the underlying natural resources that plants, animals, and humans rely upon to survive.  The second ten days focus on the diverse ecosystems of the region, including those of the dry basins, the relatively wet mountains and plateaus, and the near-arctic conditions of the highest elevations of the Beartooth Plateau.  Particularly noteworthy is the diver

Clean Energy Grid Engineering: Scandinavia

Summer 2021, we will be running a vitual course in place of this program called: Virtual Exploration of Clean Energy and Engineering Solutions in the Scandinavian and U.S. Electrical Grids
The virtual program includes a variety of virtual visits to companies and organizations, and focuses on having you work as a part of a multinational student team on a consulting project alongside students from Denmark. 

Children's Experience of War and Trauma

This four-week, six-credit program examines children's experiences of war and trauma from a psychological and neurological perspective. The program will take place in London. The UK is at the forefront of dealing with the current refugee crisis, and, specifically, unaccompanied children traveling through Europe who are exposed to the elements, at risk of trafficking and have no safety and security.

Comparative Healthcare in Graz

This study abroad experience in Graz, Austria will immerse you in an international environment where healthcare and policy differs significantly from the United States This five-week, 6-credit study abroad experience will give you the opportunity to explore healthcare through a comparative lens, using Austria and Slovenia as specific examples to contrast with the United States.   This program is designed for any student who is interested in healthcare or on the pre-med track.

Pitt in London Semester

Study in one of the most vibrant, exciting and culturally rich cities in the world. Pitt in London offers a variety of courses across different disciplines and an optional part-time internship. Your lecturers will be faculty from universities throughout the city along with Pitt faculty based at the CAPA London Center. Whether you study English Literature, Political Science, History, or Business London will be your classroom and textbook. If you decide to do an internship - we guarantee the placement!