Sport as Global Spectacle: 2020 Summer Olympics

Sport as Global Spectacle: 2020 Summer Olympics is a 4-week intensive summer study abroad program that will engage you with the cultural and global spectacle of the Summer Olympic Games. The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place from July 24 - August 9 in Tokyo, Japan. This program will run from July 11 - August 10, 2020. The first two weeks of the program will take place in Osaka and will be intensive class preparation along with guest speakers and the remaining two weeks will be in Tokyo focused around attending, analyzing and discussing the Olympic spectacle.

Transforming Environments: London Field Studies 2020

How does our environment impact who we are? In what ways does environment shape how we imagine and experience everyday life? What does tracing the environment’s transformations reveal about our histories and futures? Explore these questions and your own research project in the global city of London: a city shaped by the Thames, whose people transformed local and international environments through innovation, industry, and imperialism, and whose river banks record the history of its people and wildlife in its layers of muddy sediment.

Healthcare in British Context

Interested in global health, nursing, midwifery, and medical practice? Learn how the history in these areas have influenced the development of nursing functions and examine how ethics, sociology, religion, law, economics, and philosophy have affected clinical practice and the impact these have had on the role of nurses and other medical practicioners.

Wrongful Conviction

This four-week, accelerated summer program provides students with the opportunity to study human rights and focus on the specific area of wrongful conviction. This program is composed of two courses and includes opportunities to observe trials and visit London-based organizations working in human rights and on behalf of the wrongfully accused.

Global Consulting Capstone: Germany

Learning by professional experience is an invaluable way to gain transferable skills and apply business knowledge toward solving complex global problems. This three- credit, spring semester course will allow experienced marketing students to apply classroom learning to a real-world client. Students will utilize marketing and consulting principles and strategies to address the client’s needs and issues to deliver a strong, implementable marketing solution.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) in Colombia- ISA

ISA offers a program for undergraudate students can experience studying abroad in Colombia and taking science, engineering or math courses in English alongside international and Colombia students. 

The Universidad del Norte is one of the top universities in Colombia and the Caribbean region. Institutional internationalization is a priority for the UniNorte, whose civil, electrical, electronics, industrial, mechanical and systems engineering programs have been accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.