Pitt Global Virtual Internship (summer)

Gain international work experience and develop global professional competencies through the Pitt Global Virtual Internships. In a world becoming more reliant on connecting, collaborating and performing virtually, the remote internships will educate, enable and empower you to develop skills today that will prepare you for employers' needs of tomorrow. 
Learn to work and excel in a global environment with international colleagues and student peers from across the US, gain remote professional networking and social skills, and learn how to communicate and operate in an international context. 
Basic Information:

  • 6-weeks part-time internships (20 hours per week)
  • Global Internship Course, which focuses on building personal and professional development skills alongside other CAPA internship students. 
  • Guaranteed placement in one of five different international locations
  • Companies vary from start-ups to large organizations 
  • Placements are available in a range of fields and industries, including: Advertising & PR | Business | Communications | Data Analytics | Education | Finance | Fundraising & Philanthropy | Game Design & Development | Graphic Design | Healthcare & Life Sciences | Human Resources | Interior Design | IT & Computer Systems | Marketing & Communications | Sports Management | Video Editing & Animation | Web Design

Upon acceptance, students will be matched and placed in internships in one of the following locations:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Florence, Italy
  • London, England
  • Sydney, Australia

Please note that internships are always unpaid, always for three credits, and always pass/fail.
Internships are available for students in their second semester of sophomore year or higher.
Hear about the virtual internship experience from a student perspective.

What You'll Accomplish: 

In addition to gaining professional experience, you will also be able to develop your intercultural competence, including:

  • Develop cultural self-awareness and knowledge of cultural worldview frameworks (Knowledge)
  • Develop understanding of cultural differences in verbal and nonverbal communication styles and learn to successfully adapt in the presented cultural contexts (Skills)
  • Develop the ability to engage and learn from perspectives and experiences different from one’s own (Skills)
  • Learn to exercise curiosity and openness in interactions with other cultures (Attitudes)
  • Develop transferrable and personal leadership skills that are relevant for effective interactions in an interconnected world (Skills, Attitudes). 


What You'll Study: 

In addition to completing the internship, students will be required to attend the weekly Global Internship course (through CAPA). This 1.5 hour-per-week course will provide you with additional support, mock interview opportunities, mentoring by industry professionals, career workshops to help tailor your professional experience to go beyond solely what you may achieve through the internship, and much more. 

Learning through Internships (Online) (ARTSC1920)

The Global Internship Course provides a unique and innovative opportunity for students to engage in an online remote internship experience supported by academic online educational sessions (both synchronous and asynchronous) that will further develop students' personal and professional skills while earning academic credit. The course will help students learn about the social and cultural context of their internship placement and the host region and country, as well as other themes, through comparative global analysis. At times, this analysis will be facilitated through a small selection of CAPA Masterclasses given by leading professionals from a diverse range of fields. The online class gives students the opportunity to discuss and analyse theories and models of work, organizational behaviour, and management with a focus on a cross-cultural online context.

Experiential Learning Description: 

By participating in an CAPA Remote Internship, you can expect to:

  • COLLABORATE with and learn from professionals in a national and international context
  • ACQUIRE experience in your field from a global perspective
  • GAIN exposure to, understanding of, and appreciation for diverse work cultures and practices
  • DEVELOP intercultural communication skills and emotional intelligence
  • PERFORM meaningful work while developing specific vocational skills
  • BUILD professional and social relationships with international references
  • EARN academic credit through the required Global Internship Course
  • ENHANCE your resume and professional media presence
  • IMPROVE your employment prospects
  • EXPAND your global commercial awareness
  • LEARN how to effectively articulate your learning experience and newly developed skills to graduate schools and hiring managers through in-class workshops and a live mock interview assignment

The University of Pittsburgh partners with the CAPA the Global Education Network for this program. For more than 45 years CAPA: The Global Education Network has worked with institutions of higher education to build programs that meet their goals for learning abroad. CAPA operates education centers in Global Cities and have developed distinct academic offerings, support frameworks, and oversight structures for students and visiting faculty.

Your Pitt Study Abroad Contacts: 

Oksana Stalczynski

Privet! I'm Oksana Stalczynski and I'm a Program Manager at the Study Abroad Office. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, was an exchange student and Russian Language Scholar at Reed College in Portland, OR and did a summer language program in Dresden, Germany. A study abroad experience broadens your horizon, grows your circle of friends and improves your career opportunities. That’s why I think everyone should do one!

Feel free to contact me to find out more about study abroad programs at Pitt, and/or to learn/practice some Russian.  Get in touch with me at Oksana.stalczynski@pitt.edu or 412-383-3237!


What's Included: 

You will pay a regular 3-credit course tuition.
Please note that there is a $350 non-refundable deposit when you commit to participate in the program (after acceptance). This is not an additional cost. The deposit you pay will be credited back to your summer bill.
You will NOT be able to drop this course during the regular add/drop period.