Pitt on Location - Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University – Suzhou

The University of Pittsburgh is excited to offer the Pitt on Location – Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), Suzhou program during spring 2021 for Pitt international students who are currently living in China and South Korea. Our Chinese and Korean students will have the opportunity to connect with the Pitt community by learning alongside other Pitt students both in-person and virtually.

We would love to have all our international students with us here in Pittsburgh, but we realize it is difficult for some students to get here at this time. The Pitt on Location – XJTLU program offers you the opportunity to immerse in Pitt community while taking classes that keep you on track for graduation. We still value you as a community member even when you are not physically present on the Pitt campus, and we want you to continue to feel like you are a part of Pitt community. Throughout the term, you will receive care packages, direct connection via teleconference with advisors and individuals at the University, and connection to our local alumni where possible. You will have an advisor at the Study Abroad Office assigned to you for the entirety of the term for questions and assistance. 

This program is offered to you in partnership with the Asia Institute, a US based international study abroad provider. The program is taking place at XJTLU, the largest international collaborative university in China with students and faculty from 80 countries.

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) with more than 12,000 students and faculty from 80 countries is the largest international collaborative university in China. The campus is located in Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District, 12 km east of the historic center of Suzhou, and 90 km west of Shanghai.

With 2,500 years of rich history and culture, Suzhou has been known in China as ‘paradise on the earth’ since ancient times. XJTLU enjoys a beautiful environment where there is a harmonious coexistence between the city’s rich cultural traditions and its rapid economic development. Suzhou is one of the most developed cities in China. Suzhou Industrial Park, China’s equivalent of Silicon Valley and a hub of global innovation, houses a large cluster of Fortune 500 companies, transnational enterprises and R&D centers providing favorable conditions for XJTLU’s ongoing development.

Where You'll Live: 

XJTLU is an open campus and does not provide accommodation on campus. However, all students will be housed nearby the campus within walking distance to class buildings.

Housing arrangements are done by our partner the Asia Institute and it is not included in your Pitt tuition and fees. Your will pay the housing costs directly to the Asia Institute. Please contact the Asia Institute directly for more information about housing options and prices. Please reach out to Jane Shang jane.shang@asiainstitute.org.

What You'll Study: 
  • As a full-time Pitt student, you must sign up for at least 12 credits each semester. Each course offered at XJTLU is worth 3 Pitt credits. 
  • Courses offered at XJTLU are taught by local and international faculty in English.
  • If you are in A&S, credit from XJTLU will transfer to your University of Pittsburgh transcript as letter grade (LG) or satisfactory/no credit (S/NC). You will get to decide the grading base for your courses when you select your courses. If you are in the CBA, your XJTLU credit will transfer to your Pitt transcript only as S/NC.
  • Once you sign up for the program, we will send you a course selection form to complete and confirm which courses you are interested in taking. You will want to discuss your academics with your Pitt academic advisor before selecting your courses. The Pitt Study Abroad will enroll you in courses that you select.
  • General Education Requirements: Pitt Study Abroad has compiled a list of courses that can be used to fulfill general education requirements within the A&S and CBA.  Click here to access the list.  Students from other colleges and schools should contact their academic advisor.
  • If you are seeking to count these courses towards a major, minor or certificate requirement, please reach out to your respective advisor to discuss the courses and get approval.


Here is the list of courses for spring 2021. Please note that courses that do not meet the minimum number of students enrolled will not be offered. Students are encouraged to have alternative courses selected from the list in the event of a course no longer being available.

Code Course Title  Link to Syllabus 
ACC104 Introduction to Managerial Accounting http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ACC104
CAN302 Technologies for E-Commerce  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CAN302
CAN304 Computer Systems Security  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CAN304
CAN306 Photonics and Optical Communication Systems http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CAN306
CCS004 Introduction to China Studies http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CCS004
CCS202 China and Asia  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CCS202
CCS206 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CCS206
CCS208 China: Regional Development http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CCS208
CLT111 Classical Chinese 1 http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CLT111
CLT226 Pedagogical Chinese Grammar  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CLT226
CLT314 Chinese Writing http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CLT314
COM155 Rhetoric and Media Analysis http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM155
COM156 Foundations in Film Studies http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM156
COM157 Introduction to Journalism Studies  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM157
COM158 Introduction to Digital Media and Communication http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM158
COM241 Multimedia PR Campaigns http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM241
COM265 Quantitative Research Methods http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM265
COM267 Hollywood Cinema http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM267
COM268 Social Network Analysis http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM268
COM333  Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Society http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM333
COM336 The City in Films http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM336
COM402 Advertising and Public Relations  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=COM402
CPT102 Data Structures http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CPT102
CPT104 Operating Systems Concepts  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CPT104
CPT202 Software Engineering Group Project  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CPT202
CPT204 Advanced OO Programming http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CPT204
CPT206 Java Programming for Financial Mathematics  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CPT206
CPT208 Human-Centric Computing  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CPT208
CPT302 Multi-Agent Systems http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CPT302
CPT304 Software Engineering II  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CPT304
CPT306 Principles of Computer Games Design http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=CPT306
ECO004 Trends in Economics and Finance http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO004
ECO104 Economic Principles for Business and Markets http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO104
ECO118 Maths for Economics and Business http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO118
ECO120 Principles of Macroeconomics  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO120
ECO212 International Development http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO212
ECO214 Econometrics II http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO214
ECO216 Macroeconomics II  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO216
ECO220 Microeconomics II  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO220
ECO224 Intermediate Macroeconomics http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO224
ECO308 Financial Economics  Coming Soon!
ECO312 International Economic Relations http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ECO312
ENV002 Global Environmental Issues http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ENV002
ENV102 Ecology and Conservation  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ENV102
ENV106  Aquatic Field Skills  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ENV106
ENV108 Dynamic Landscapes  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ENV108
ENV110 Environmental Pollution  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ENV110
ENV208 Aquatic and Urban Ecology  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ENV208
ENV306 Ecology in a changing world  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ENV306
ENV312 Environmental Impact Assessment  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=ENV312
FIN104 Introduction to Finance http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=FIN104
INS006 Introduction to International Relations http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INS006
INS102 International Political Economy http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INS102
INS104 History of the Americas http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INS104
INS106 East and Southeast Asia: The Pacific Century http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INS106
INS202 International Relations Research Methods http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INS202
INS306 US Intelligence and Foreign Policy  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INS306
INS308 Public Policy and Cultural Diplomacy http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INS308
INS310 Finding Solutions: Development Theory and Practice http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INS310
INS312 International Communications http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INS312
INT102 Algorithmic Foundations and Problem Solving  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INT102
INT104 Artificial Intelligence http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INT104
INT202 Complexity of Algorithms http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=INT202
IOM006 Trends in Marketing and Information Technology http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=IOM006
IOM102 Consumer Behaviours http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=IOM102
IOM202 e-Marketing: Strategies and Techniques http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=IOM202
IOM204 Services Marketing http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=IOM204
LIT102 Literature in Context http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=LIT102
LIT104 Literary Theory http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=LIT104
LNG102 Introduction to Corpus Linguistics  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=LNG102
LNG104 Syntax http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=LNG104
LNG202 Bilingualism http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=LNG202
LNG204 Language and Gender http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=LNG204
LNG206 Language and Mind http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=LNG206
LNG302 Interpersonal communication in the workplace http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=LNG302
LNG308 Intercultural Communication http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=LNG308
MTH008 Multivariable Calculus (Science and Engineering) http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=MTH008
MTH012 Introduction to Insurance http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=MTH012
MTH014 Multivariable Calculus (Architecture) http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=MTH014
MTH016 Basics of Financial Modelling with Excel http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=MTH016
MTH106 Introduction to the Methods of Applied Mathematics http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=MTH106
MTH120 Theory of Interest http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=MTH120
MTH208 Numerical Analysis http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=MTH208
MTH209 Classical Mechanics  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=MTH209
MTH222 Financial Modelling with Excel VBA  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=MTH222
SMO102 Introduction to Human Resource Management  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=SMO102
SMO202 Performance Management http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=SMO202
SMO206 International Employment Relations http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=SMO206
SMO302 Organisational Change and Development http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=SMO206
UPD004 Introduction to Urban Planning and Design http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=UPD004
UPD102  Contemporary Planning Practice in Western Europe and the North America  http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=UPD102
UPD106 Issues and practice of planning in China II http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=UPD106
UPD110 Neighborhood Planning http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=UPD110
UPD202 Rural Planning http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=UPD202
UPD206 Projecting and managing urban futures http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=UPD206
UPD208 Spatial design and the built environment II http://modules.xjtlu.edu.cn/MOD_CAT.aspx?mod_code=UPD208


Courses offered at XJTLU are taught by local and international faculty.

This program is offered to you in partnership with the Asia Institute, a US based international study abroad provider and a pan-Asian think tank. The Asia Institute has a dedicated on-site support team that will assist you with room & abroad, orientations, on-campus engagements, etc. throughout the semester.

Your Pitt Study Abroad Contacts: 

Nazir Noori

Salam! I’m Nazir and I'm your Study Abroad Program Manager. I was born and raised abroad and went to schools in Afghanistan, Iran, and the U.S. I also took classes in India and United Arab Emirates. I worked for the U.S. Department of State, USAID, and German Foreign Office for over ten years before moving to Pittsburgh in 2014. At the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, I assisted Afghan students to study in the U.S., and now I'm glad I have the opportunity to help you study abroad.

Schedule a Zoom appointment with me below or get in touch with me through email to discuss study abroad options.


Schedule an appointment

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Don't see a time that works for you? Just send me an email!

Arielle Schweber

Bonjour! I’m the International Programs Manager for Pitt Business. I’m originally from New York but have spent some time in France, as I have dual nationality. I’m new to the city and university, but I can’t wait explore my inner yinzer! Since high school, I have participated in short and long term study abroad programs.  My first stop was in Spain, then a semester in France and finally two short term programs in Cuba and India. Outside of the office you can find me exploring new restaurants, biking, skiing, watching HGTV or planning my next adventure! My hope is for every Pitt student to study abroad. You can get in touch with me at aschweber@business.pitt.edu or 412-383-7489.


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You will pay your regular Pitt tuition and fees.

You will pay the housing fees directly to the Asia Institute.

When You'll Go: 

Application Deadline:   December 6, 2020

Classes Begin:             February 19, 2021

Program Ends:             June 10, 2021

What Else You Need to Know: 
  • This program requires 2.75 GPA for all sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Freshman do not need to supply a GPA.
  • Please note it is your responsibility to be aware of any government-mandated policies when traveling to Suzhou and that things can change regarding travel restrictions or quarantine requirements both when entering China from another country or traveling regionally within China.
  • Please research travel policies that relate to your specific situation and plan to arrive in Shanghai and quarantine if necessary, by February 18 to attend the orientation session.